CARIS Molecular Intelligence Tumour Profiling

CARIS Molecular Tumour Profiling is a sophisticated DNA, RNA, Protein and Immune analysis of your tumour. It provides Next-Generation sequencing analysis of more than 700 tumour gene mutations within your tumour, to look for activating gene mutations and RNA fusions that may drive your cancer growth. With this knowledge, doctors can better understand your tumour and select drugs that can specifically target the activated gene drivers of your cancer.

CARIS tumour profiling also employs In situ Hybridization to detect gene amplifications, translocations and fusions; PyroSequencing to detect gene methylation and silencing, and Immunohistocytochemistry to determine protein expression. The test also analyses biomarkers that predict response to Immunotherapy – such as PDL1, mismatch repair deficiency (MMRd), and tumour mutational burden (TMB). The test incorporates an Artifical Intelligence Genomic profile similarity score – that may be useful for identifying cancer of unknown primary, and selecting treatment.